Times tables Union Juniors Championships under 10 Years On-Site We Hub & Program

The weekend 11-12 May his Athlisis Tennis Club facilities accommodate the times tables EU Championship juniors under 10 years with the cooperation of RIGA Sports Club Tennis Argolis, under the auspices of F.’ Union Associations Tennis Peloponnese .

Expected to participate 60 children aged 4 up 10 years from the Children's Academy of Athlisis Tennis Club and other groups in the region and the entire Peloponnese.

The matches start on Saturday 9:30 morning with the board for boys and girls of Green Level and continue on Sunday morning from 10:30 with races for Red and Orange level. The sign in Sunday at Orange Level is set for 10:00-10:30, while for the Red 11:00 -11:30 .

Sto link below you can see the dashboard Cape pitch, as resulted after draw, and the Daily Competition Schedule :


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